Magdalena Mellin

momory card

Remeber it-Forget it

This performances took place “behind the wall”. This was a direct reference to the larger project from Beirut.

The event was constructed using a double structure of emmory exchange between me and participants. Firstly in recalling one’s own memory, writing it down on a prepared card and forgetting it and secondly in the randomexchange of cards and the reading of somebody else’s memory in an attempt to recall that experience, to remember it, to make it one’s own. This memory is recalled in order to forget it, with the intention of making the feeling of the presence of memory apparent in the head of the viewer, to elicit an almost physical feeling of some memory in order to use it in the subsequent step of recalling a memory which has not actually been experienced.

What was important for me in this performance  is building a certain feeling of consciousness, of not-knowing. How to make present something which is already absent, or recall something which has not been experienced. Meaning is not an event which arrives, rather you construct it. Description and memories constitute its continuing presence. I wanted the space of this encounter to be an interactive space between the object-written memory and the memory of it – the participant’s memory, where there is lack of factual experience itself.

My emphasis is on the state of writing into disappearance rather than writing toward preservation and my focus is on this and what happens next. My contention is that the after effects of disappearance are themselves an experience of subjectivity, and it is this insight that I wanted to try to and share despite the fact that this is an attempt to share the impossible. In this project I have attempted to find a connection with something which is no longer here, or perhaps never has been.