Magdalena Mellin


I remember writing to a friend of mine

“I remember writing to a friend of mine “Ania, I think I’m coming back, I’m coming back to my Self, where this Self is I have no idea, nor do I know where I’ve been before.” While performing the text the participants construct “my” portrait, based on a black outline self-portrait image of myself, using colour pencils, scissors and glue. The main question that is raised is a threat to the nature of perception. Merely by looking at matter we alert its action. By their simple act of drawing and interacting with my image, I wanted to emphasise to the audience the act of observation and how it transforms the activity observed and the fact that we are in a constant interrelationship. In this way the participants in the performance alert the event as well as the performer and the performance, in turn, alerts them.

Besides the script, 15 portraits and the individual memories of the experience, there is no documentation of this action.