Magdalena Mellin

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Transdimensional tour guide

Basing on the theory of parallel worlds I organised a tour around Arnhem -Netherlands ( scale of the map 2cm os 50km) simultaneously making a walk on the antipode -Arnhem Land-  Australia (scale of the map 2cm is 50m). We were moving in parallel worlds where we “saw” typical sight seeing points form Arnhem Land like Ubirr Rock, The Burke and Wills Tree, visited Galiwin’ku-the community of aborigines, and of course Wycliffe Well-the UFO capital of Australia. The connection witah Arnhem Land  is obvious because of Dutch colonial history, however  my aim was rather to question all the “reliable” measurement means and revile its conventionality. My main assumption was a relativeness  of everything, there’s no true view, just point of view and criteria under which we examine so called reality.