Magdalena Mellin



Ipse(latin) means The slef.
According to Freud the act of creation comes in two stages. The first one is the stage of the Preliminary Bliss, which comes out of unaware fantasies. The second one is the Final bliss- possibilitys of perception and transformation of the formal beauty, into which the deepest dreams, lust and longings has been put.
However the Act of Creation very often provides you only with “inwards-self-erection” state of body and mind. Great love tension. Mental ejaculation.
Sometimes I want to come back to reality, just to check how much of truth reflected in mirror, fits to this, what I allowed myself to confess. I feel a fatigue, despondency, simultaneously- for a short moment- an impudent satisfaction, like after self-abuse. The Selfness. The Ipse-s. The Ipse-ness. Ipsism.
Few minutes modified lesbian porno movie, where the faces of actreses are replaced with mine.