Magdalena Mellin



“For many years I was deeply devoted painter, however recently I    started to focus on a perfomative character of the relation between spectator/participant and memory when the object itself is gone. What remains is subjective, unstable thought in the minds. By different performances with participants I create moments of exchange of personal set of meaning and association. I question the authorship of the artist and tries to find the way of sharing it.”


Visual artist, painter, poet. Interested in the performative character of an image in experience of space and presencerelation. 2016 received a nomination from President of Gdańsk for Young Artist. Recently received PhD at theAcademy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, where in 2009 she graduated from the Painting Department. She has enrichedher education with one year scholarship at SabanciUniversity, Istanbul, Turkey. She alsoparticipated in twoyears “Visual Arts and Artistic Research” program in Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem(2010-12). She took part in numerous workshops and exhibitions (Poland, Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey, Lebanon, Dakar, USA). She participated in African Biennale in Senegal DAK’ART 2012 – OFF. Her publication „what happens Bbehind the wall stays behind the wall” was presented at numerous book fairs such as: NY Art Book Art Book Fair, Miss Read- Berlin Book Fair, Offprint Paris, Wild Book MarketRotterdam. This publication also served as the main theme for Magdalena Mellin’s exhibition created together with Anahita Razim within the project called “Cities on the Edge” (2013). 2012-2015 she worked with A. Kalwajtys(performance artist) and T.Skrobun (architect) on interdisciplinary project “Reactor_42a – Space of collision.revitalizatio of posturban shipyard are in Gdańsk”. Since 2013 she continues her work on the performative project „Dialogi nie/przeprowadzone, listy nie/wysłane” (Dialogues un/conveyed, letters un/sent), in which she cooperates with musicians and performance artists (Katarzyna Pastuszak, Joanna Duda, Piotra Stanek, Tomasz Sroczyński, Piotr Mazurek, Marcin Bożek, Tomasz Gadecki). With “Dialogi” she was invited to perform at i.a. Month of Performance Art in Berlin (with Pastuszak and Duda), and Festival of New Theatre in Rzeszow (Project Schliengensief). With Pastuszak and Wińczyk she prepared a performance for XX Sheaspeare Festival in Gdańsk. In 2017 she’s mosty focused of work in performative duo “ Mellin/Wińczyk”. Since 2014 she is a resident in the Colony of Artist.


Born 1984, Gdansk




2012-… PhD- Academy of Fine Arts

2010-2012 Master of Fine arts at the ArtEZ Dutch Art Insitute- Visual Art and Research, Arnhem, the Netherlands

2007-2008 Sabanci University, Erasmus Scholarship-Department Of Visual Arts and  Social Science

2004-2009   Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk-Painting Poland


Exhibitions, Awords, Workshops

2012 New York Art Book Fair- “what happen behind this wall stays behind the wall”

2012 Miss Read- Berlin Book Fair, ‘What happens behind the wall stays behind the wall’, Berlin

2012 Assembly- Group Installing, Book Launch- wystawa zbiorowa, promocja książki ‘What happens behind the wall stays behind the wall’, Arnhem, Holandia

2012 Streetaves-Behind this wall nothing happened-site specific installation, workshop

2012 Work In Progress, Row Material Company, Dakar, Senegal, African Biennale DAK’ART 2012- OFF

2011 Butterbrot fetsival, Berlin

2011 Ostalgia- realization of P. Ołowska wall painting project, New Museum, NY, USA

2011 It Takes more to stop us- group show, Arnhem, Holandia

2011 Streetwaves, Gdansk, bez tego czego nie ma, nie bylo by tego co jest-site specific installation  

2011 Bombing Beirut-Zico House, Beirut, Lebanon,

2011 Peep generate, Museum of Art, Lodz, Poland,

2010 “Without this what is not, there would be what is now”-solo show, PiTiPa, Gdansk,

2010 Doll Theatre, Mural Painting with P.Olowska, Rabka Zdroj, Poland,

2010 Overcompetition exhibition in Historical and Archeological Muzeum in Głogów

2010 Program in Polish Radio3 over the title “researcher of talents”

2010 Collective Grafic’s Exhibition, GGM, Gdansk

2009 International workshop in Prague supervised by Zbigniew Libera

2009 3rd award in Hestia competition- painting competition for all polish Academies

2009 Special Award of Gallery in Legnica and over competition exhibition of finalists of “Promotion- 19th review of young painting” in Legnica

2009 Pure Date Workshop

2009 Intermedial Workshop for the best students from all polish Academies of Fine Arts in Skoki, Poland

2009 Fiction and Fiction, exhibition in the Wyspa Institute of Art, Gdansk, Poland

2008 VACD-Photography Exhibition, FassArt Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2008 4th Figure Drawing to Graphic Motion Exhibition, FassArt Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2008 Erasmustudio, Kasa Galeri, Istanbul, Turkey

2008 Photography, FassArt Gellery, Istanbul. Turkey

2008 International workshop supervised by Zbigniew Libera in Wyspa Institute of Art, Gdansk, Poland

2007 Overcompetition Exhibition – Pomeranian Graphic of the Year

2007 Collective exhibition in Przywidz, Poland