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Thesis:Restaging Disappearance


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 Thesis:Restaging Disappearance

 This thesis focuses on concepts of absence and presence as fundamental states of being, which are inexplicable and transcendent but exist within a certain frame. In this dialectic of presence and absence I struggle between ontological or phenomenological solutions and I have identified them both with an image of me coming back to my Self, however without knowledge of where this Self is, nor with any assurance of where I have been before.

Using the example of the relation of Self to I (which is also the other) thesis seeks to explore ways of restaging disappearance and tries to describe the moment of flux between absence and presence and how it is represented. This can be realised as a double nature, at first originating with an absence, which from the beginning needs to be identified with some image, and which subsequently can then be called presence. Conversely it also starts with some surpassing presence, which (with the help of some image) needs to be represented as absence, if any other images are meant to appear.

I would like to object that there is only being, and nothingness is not. For me, absence is being, itself realised in this performative/hysteric relation between Self and I, wherein one is a condition of being for the other (as in the relation between experience and memory) however this also leads ultimately to the simultaneous partial disappearance of the initial term.

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